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The campaign, done in collaboration with Vietnamese Hip Hop Artist Viet Max centers around a collection of hip-hop street style artwork which conveys positive messages. DDB Tribal Vietnam has launched a new website that we could tell you all about, but instead, we've decided to let the site speak for itself. Vietnam-based dairy brand Vinamilk has taken classic fairytales and reworked them as part of a campaign for their Probi drinking yogurt. Unilever soap brand Lifebuoy has launched a campaign in Vietnam with a dancing mom and her two children that serves as a public awareness campaign about the importance of washing your hands regularly with soap.

Along with family, food is the epicenter of the Vietnamese lunar new year - a time when Vietnamese moms are cooking mounds of traditional dishes loved by their kids.

The campaign aims to recognize local motorbike mechanics in Vietnam as teammates and companions in business. Perhaps not everyone's priority is having a 'beach body' and making somebody feel guilty for not prioritizing it by questioning their personal choices is a step too far. I was a TV addict still am when I was young and the period that I was most impressionable was in the 80s. I loved watching TV commercials more than the TV programs. See More. Agency Haps. From smart cities to connected homes to connected cars, across APAC, statistics reflect promising returns for tech companies and a range of industries already making a beeline for the region.

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By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our use of cookies. I Understand.Ho Chi Minh is truly a shopping paradise, whether you are looking for bespoke fashion, local silks or even handcrafted lacquerware. As the world becomes one big shopping mall of international brands, Ho Chi Minh retains its love of boutique fashion and one off collections — and all at a fraction of what you might pay for any of the European or Japanese brands. Here are our top 10 picks of the best fashion boutiques in the city:.

Depending on how daring the customer is, they might bolster their wardrobe with an elegant floor length dress embellished with feathers, a silk blouse with three-dimensional flowers exploding out of the fabric or even a bodysuit designed to look like the human musculature. This is a boutique for standout items with real wow factor. They have several off the rack options and many bespoke creations available, although it can take up to 10 days and several fittings for the most technical pieces.

One of the real success stories of Vietnamese fashion, Khaisilk started in with one shop and has grown into a national brand of boutiques, restaurants and hotels.

Despite their growth, Khaisilk still produce the same luscious silk scarves, ties, shirts and blouses, in both muted everyday tones and more flamboyant hues that has won them many fans throughout the world.

On our last visit, standout items included a figure hugging Chinese style silk dress buttoned to the neck, cute his and hers silk robes, and a colourful range of leather handbags. Reputedly, this is where the Princess of Thailand shops for scarves, sheets and other luxury silk items so anyone heading down to their flagship, multi-level store on Dong Khoi Street is in prestigious company. Another reason we love Khaisilk is because off the hanger fashion can be tailored here at little or no extra cost.

There are currently two branches open in Ho Chi Minh with a style that meanders between contemporary and retro, with cute nautical striped dresses for everyday and some sexy strapless dresses that are perfect for a night on the town.

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There is something at Magonn to suit most budgets and at their Le Thank Ton address they have a cafe on the second floor; however, we still recommend visiting their larger boutique on Hai Ba Trung Street first. Renowned designer Luis Antonio Torres has worked for the biggest fashion houses in the world including Gucci and Armani so it was a real boon for Ho Chi Minh when he moved to the city in to open his own fashion boutique — Massimo Ferrari. Massimo Ferrari produces bespoke Italian menswear for select clients who know exactly what they want and expect to receive exactly what they order.

The quality of materials and craftsmanship is equal to anything found on Saville Row in London but at seriously lower prices. There are also smaller items such as cufflinks and ties that would make a perfect souvenir for a discerning gentleman. The fashion range here is supplied by emerging Vietnamese labels as well as contributions from abroad so there is a nice range of everyday T-shirts from Cheap Monday, retro lace dresses from Boaime and handmade laquerware from Indochine. If you are looking for a bespoke ball gown or something extra special, then this tailor close to Ben Thanh Market is the best place to go.

KIN Boutique has garnered a reputation through word of mouth due to their impeccable work and jaw-dropping use of chiffon and satin to enhance evening gowns. There is also a ready-to-wear section, again with a focus on interesting materials, and on the second floor they have a range of wedding gowns. Using a combination of lacquer, leather and stainless steel, My Way Deco produces homeware that is both fashionable and functional: an arching, stainless steel egg cup that resembles a scroll, a range of asymmetrical ashtrays and a black lacquer and leather coffee table all took our fancy on our latest visit.

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There is a real mix of European and Vietnamese characteristics in the design of the pieces and it creates something totally unique. Mature yet funky — let the yellow and black bumble bee exterior be your guide to one of the best homeware boutiques in Ho Chi Minh City.

Dogma is part urban clothing shop, part art gallery, selling classic propaganda imagery from the Vietnamese War stamped onto T-shirts, hoodies, coffee mugs and plenty more besides.

vietnam brands

The clothes are made with all natural fibres and have the feel of premium quality. The art gallery is another intriguing space with many classic paintings from that divisive era — some of which show military imagery, and others promoting egalitarian ethics and encouraging everyone to work hard for the common cause.

Dogma is on the second floor of a shophouse above a funky knickknack shop called Saigon Kitsch that sells diaries, pens and other colourful souvenir-type items.

It is located on Pasteur Street, close to Le Loi. There is a range of day wear and more formal night time apparel on offer. Another widely acclaimed Vietnamese designer with awards and recognition, Minh Hanh has her flagship boutique in the Vietnam Designers House close to Turtle Lake roundabout in District 3, and also has a permanent display in Zen Plaza shopping mall in District 1.Please contact us for a better rate if your group has 6 guests and above.

You will not only enjoy special group discounts but also customised options that is best for group travel. Talk to us. Drop us a query Get reply in 24 hrs. Trendy or brand name clothes are often sold at an outrageous price, even for some with the tag "made in Vietnam" on it. So what advice there is for those hunting for some good new pants or tees?

In Vietnam, clothes are sold in three main areas, including shopping centers, local markets, and small shops along streets. If you have nothing to worry about your purse and care much about the quality of your clothes, it is advisable to orient towards shopping malls, nowhere else. Prices in shopping malls are fixed, thus your obsession with bargaining would be completely eliminated. To save your money, it is suggested to go to local markets and make full use of your smile and bargaining tips to get the best deal.

Almost all clothes items sold at local markets are made in China with low quality. Moreover, almost all shops in local markets have no place for you to try on clothes, so it could be quite inconvenient to find your best suit.

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Yet, sometimes, luckily, you could catch clothes of acceptable quality and in trendy designs. Just keep in mind that you have rights to bargain and you should not miss the chance to do that. Yet, as foreigners, you had better to avoid going to Nga Tu So Market because only local shopping experts could survive with bargains in this market.

If you are not fond of local markets, its ambience as well as its inconvenience, clothing shops scattering on streets could meet your demands.

Shops with Made in Vietnam signboards would be your ideal choice as their clothes are of quite good materials, in elegant designs and at reasonable prices. Better still, they have your size as almost all of their products are made for exporting.

Vietnamese popular domestic bands also have their own stores laid on crowded streets. Contact now. PATA Number: Group Booking Request Please input your request content.Coffee was first brought to Vietnam in during the French colonial period. At first, it was grown for the French who lived in Vietnam, but before long, the local population began to adopt a coffee-drinking habit too.

In the Vietnamese economy, coffee exports are now second in importance only to rice 1. Although Vietnam produces a huge amount of coffee annually, often exceeding one million tons, the vast majority of this is the less refined robusta bean. Robusta plants are easier to grow, produce more beans and are more tolerant of less favorable growing conditions but are not as highly sought-after as the more delicate arabica bean.

Efforts are now being made to increase the output of arabica, but for the moment, robusta still dominates in Vietnam. Farmers in Vietnam also face certain challenges. As well as the threat of climate change that is beginning to cause problems for growers worldwide, many of the coffee trees in Vietnam are old and reaching the end of their productive lifespan.

This means a systematic program of replanting will need to be implemented in order to keep the industry in the country viable. The French may have introduced coffee to their former colony, but the Vietnamese took it and turned it into something of their own.

If you visit the country, there are two things you have to try before you leave. Vietnamese coffee is made with something called a phinthe distinctive filter used for making drip coffee.

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Since the beans used are the typically bitter robusta, the coffee is often sweetened using condensed milk — which keeps far better than fresh milk in the hot tropical climate. The resulting brew is a deliciously thick, sweet drink that is consumed hot or — unsurprisingly, given the temperatures in Vietnam — over ice.

To make a delicious cup of Vietnamese-style milk coffeeyou will need a phin and some medium-coarse ground coffee. Any coffee will do but, of course, you will achieve the best results using genuine Vietnamese coffee beans. Pour the required amount of condensed milk into a glass; two teaspoons should be enough. Place the phin over the glass and pour in enough water to allow the coffee to swell. Once the water has been absorbed, pour in the rest of the water, put the lid on and wait for the coffee to drip through.

To solve the problem, simply place your glass in a bowl of hot water while you wait for the coffee to be ready. That way, when you come to drink it, the water will have kept it hot, just the way you prefer!

This coffee features a delicious aroma and flavor. It is slightly lighter than French roast and is smooth with low acidity.The designers behind this unique Vietnamese brand drew their inspiration from the dreary day they came upon a small blue bird as it lay dying outside an abandoned shopping mall. They were inspired by the haunting beauty of the dead bird and channeled that into their unique collection of gemstone jewelry and other elegant, handmade accessories.

The Dead Bird is currently in the process of moving to their new location on Le Thanh Ton, but in the meantime check out their Instagram and try to resist ordering the many beautiful pieces in their collection! Each gorgeous piece of statement jewelry is handmade with gemstones found in Vietnam. Instead, she took a basic course to learn about leather crafting and found her passion. She opened her business with a few friends and went on to design this sleek, popular line of leather products.

Her line ranges from simple, elegant wallets to stylish bracelets and to classic handbags — all of which can be described as minimalist-chic. Check out her Facebook page for more information and to see her full range of gorgeous accessories. According to their website, the designers create quality work inspired by the industrial age. Have a peek at their website, Facebook and Instagram for more information and to see new pieces of their cool, minimalist collections.

The designers behind these amazing custom, handmade metals are co-founders Greg and Oanh, who create each piece in their Saigon workshop. Their silver is sourced from northern Vietnam, while copper and brass are sourced from Italy or Japan.

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According to their Facebook page, each piece is struck with a hammer times and is then shaped, sanded, twisted, and filed in their workshop. Check out their Instagram page and website for more pictures, products, and order details. American-born James heads design and quality control, as Lam owns and manages the company.

They also take on custom projects. According to their websitefounder Grant Hawkins was previously smitten with a leather messenger bag he bought while traveling in Marrakesh, Morocco in One year later he started to crave more adventure.

vietnam brands

Craftswomen make everything by hand in its Ho Chi Minh City studio. As for how Marrakesh Leather integrates sustainability into its business model, the company only uses full vegetable grain, tanned cowhide leather, eliminating dangerous chemicals such as chromium often used in the tanning industry.

Thuy Nguyen, founder of Thuy Design Houseroutinely blends art with fashion to create her mesmerizing designs.Vietnam loves its coffeeand Trung Nguyen is the largest producer in the country. They have an empire of farms, distributors and cafes — and they export to over 60 countries.

Their marketing plays to the lofty ambitions of Vietnam as the economy gains strength, featuring a picture perfect family with a private jet and luxury vehicles.

Vietnamese Fashion Brands: A Guide To Five Sustainable Labels

The chairman of the company is regarded as the Coffee King, a powerful figure in the Central Highlands where coffee is the main cash crop. But it all comes back to quality. They simply make good coffee. A post shared by caryn khai lin c.

The Steady Modernization Of Vietnamese Brands

For Vietnamese people, this is their instant messaging app of choice. For budget travel around Southeast Asia, Vietnam Airlines is hard to beat. Vietjet Air is comparable, but their problems with delays are well known. Flights on both airlines are cheap, though, which is why people in Vietnam love them. In a country where the average wage is still lowcheap flights make travel affordable.

Though foreigners own the majority of stock in this company, the investment arm of the Vietnamese government owns the largest percentage. The company started inwhen the government nationalized three dairy companies that were previously operated by Chinese and European companies. Today, Vinamilk is the most popular food brand in the country. In addition to milk, they also make yogurt, cheese, ice cream and the sweet condensed milk that millions have with their coffee every day.

A post shared by Viet Ha villet. Vietnam drinks a lot of beer. While the favorites vary by region — Bia Hoi in the north, Huda for central, and Saigon Special in the south — Sabeco dominates with They produce the Saigon brand, as well as the brand, which is popular around the world.

For millions of Vietnamese people, a bowl of cheap instant noodles is the perfect meal for their busy lives. Even though air travel is relatively cheap these days, many people still prefer the relaxed pace of a train ride.

Young Vietnamese lead double lives — one in reality, and the other online — and Viettel is the company that provides them with the internet they need and love. Motorbikes are the lifeblood of this country, and since Vietnam loves motorbikes, they also love the company that keeps them fueled.With consumers choosing Vietnamese natural beauty productsand with more and more organic food product stores popping up, brands are becoming conscious of their impact on the environment and the shift in consumer behavior and taste.

In her ten years in Vietnam, French-Vietnamese designer Linda Mai Phung has founded her own fashion label and worked on the Uber rebranding allowing her to gain a deep understanding of the industry here. It stands as a model for sustainability in the industry.

Not only are eco-friendly fabrics like ultra-soft denim tencel used, but the brand also embraces factory conditions that respect their workers. Each product has a code with the kilograms of carbon dioxide emission and the number of kilometers cycling it translates to.

That makes Linda the perfect person to curate sustainable fashion in Vietnam. So we hitched a ride out to District 9 to hear her thoughts on five local brands pursuing sustainable fashion goals in Vietnam. Founder Morgan Truong describes the style as minimalism with a twist. But she is actively developing the transparency of Profile Man. By allowing her customers to better understand the price behind her clothes, she hopes that they will appreciate her efforts at working towards sustainability.

There needs to be a holistic approach. I understand how hard it can be hard for a Vietnamese fashion brand to get fabric from a supplier when ordering small quantities. What Morgan might be able to do is contact suppliers at the end of the season to purchase leftover fabric at a discounted price.

I did that many times with my brand! Prioritizing wearability and functionality in its designs, TimTay is designed for people of all ages who share a love for comfort and the environment. The TimTay collection, on the other hand, takes a different approach.

vietnam brands

In this collection, co-founders Hoang Anh and Hoang Tu highlight traditional Vietnamese craftsmanship. And in their local factory, they pay fair wages to their employees and maintain safe, sanitary working conditions.

Even their leftover fabric is used to make small accessories like bags, earrings, and bracelets that are sold in the store.

Often, the fabrics are leftovers from textile factories, so they can be high-quality. I see it as upcycling—using leftover fabrics to make new designs. So, we need to limit its negative impact on the environment and humans. They respect every single person in their production chain—for example, they have always worked with the same printer because they really want to support his business.

They definitely have a holistic approach to sustainability. Through his Vietnamese fashion brand, founder Tom Trandt wants people to not be afraid to stand out and embrace their identities. After receiving his degree from Parsons School of Design, Tom knew that he wanted to establish his own Vietnamese fashion brand with bold designs and with sustainable practices.

In fact, the designer has embraced ethical fashion ideals since his undergraduate years after realizing that the fashion industry is one of the biggest contributors to pollution in the world.

Tom positions his sturdy tote bag, made of linen and canvas, as an alternative to leather bags. He reduces waste by using leftover fabric to make accessories and has plans to use canvas to package his products instead of paper packaging.