Sims 4 potions

Hola, gracias lo primero por tus aportaciones. Me encantan. Tengo un problema con el caldero, solo sale la opcion de hacer macarrones con queso y tp deja hacerlo. Hago algo mal? You have to purchase tomes from caster's alley to learn the potions to be able to make them. Thank you so much for this! Thank you so very much for this mod and so many of your others.

sims 4 potions

You've been one of my favorite Sim modders for a really long time. Thanks again!

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Could the potions be sold on vendor tables? That one from City living. I sure prefere selling in the streets than a retail store. But thank you anyway for the awesome mod.


I am selling my potions in my yard and loving it. Thank you very much for this MOD. Yo I'm using it with LMS' mod rn, and it works with the live in store trait pretty well. Hi, thank you so much for this mod! Sadly it doesn't seem to work for me, I tried deleting all my other mods and CC, but I still can't get it to work. I've tried the normal version and the 2x. It does not apply price retroactively. So only the potions made after mod installation will show a price. Thank you for your reply.

I didn't think about that.

sims 4 potions

Now my witch can sell potions for a living, thanks again! I think sims receive at least two potions while maybe studying tomes? This mod is for cauldron potions aka the potions made with the cauldron :.

This mod didn't work for me at all, even when I created new batches of potions after installing the mod. I only installed the regular version of the mod. Not sure why it didn't work. Update: I was able tonfigure out why it wasnt working. Apparently EA added a feature to able or disable mods and I did not know about it.

It is working now after enabling this feature! Una pregunta por favor. Este mod es compatible con uno que ha sacado srslysims, minor alchemy overhaul? Thank you! I always love your mods, they bring soooo much to the game that EA didn't think of or couldn't do.

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It works perfectly for me, but I also start a new game when it comes to tuning mods just to be safe. Thank you for this! My whole play plan was ruined when I realized we could not sell potions what an oversight!Apple Apprentice Nausea A potion to annoy an enemy and turn their stomach. Emerald and Goldfish Apprentice Alluring Aura A potion that makes those around the drinker more receptive to romantic conversation.

The Sim's green needs lower to halfway full. Nausea The Sim becomes sick, which gives them an Uncomfortable "Poisoned" moodlet and makes them vomit.

The Sim receives a Happy "Pretty Tasty" moodlet. The Sim receuves a bored "Uninspired" moodlet, which it makes it harder for them to gain skill points. The Sim receives an Embarrassed "Aura of Failure" moodlet, which gives them a yellow glow. The Sim receives an Embarrassed "Pheromone Cloud" moodlet.

The Sim receives an "Emotional Overload" moodlet of every emotion all at once. Perk Purging The Sim's mind becomes clear of previous teachings, which takes away all magic perks and refunds the Talent Points so different perks can be chosen. The Sim receives a Dazed "Perk Purging" moodlet. Forced Friendship The Sim receives a Confident "Friendship Forever" moodlet, which makes it easier to perform successful social interactions.

The Sim receives an uncomfortable "Forced Friendship" moodlet, which makes it hard to perform successful social interactions. Masterful Insults The Sim receives an Angry "Insults at the Ready" moodlet, which makes it easier to perform successful mean interactions. The Sim receives a Happy "Insults at the Ready" moodlet, which makes it harder to perform successful mean interactions.

Rejuvenation The Sim will revert back to the first day of their life stage. The Sim will age to the final day of their life stage.

Curse Cleansing The Sim will be cured of all curses. The Sim will receive a random Curse. The Sim will receive a Tense "Ghastly Consequence" moodlet, which temporarily turns them into a Ghost. Transcendent Charmer The Sim receives a Flirty "Potion of Love" moodlet, which makes it easier to perform successful romantic interactions. The Sim receive a Confident "Power of Love" moodlet.

The Sim will receive a Sad "Irredeemable" moodlet, which makes it so they will not be spared by the Grim Reaper if they die. These interactions also provide Magical experience over time. Neophyte Blender Arm Potion crafting speed significantly increased. Neophyte Incredible Forager This sim now receives more items when harvesting magical ingredients in the magic realm. Neophyte Experimenter When experimenting and practicing, Sim gains experience faster with less failures.

Motes can be consumed for experience and minor, random motive boosts. Acolyte Frugal Combination Chance on potion creation that all of the requires ingredients will not be used.

Acolyte Insightful Eye Research, experiment, and tome reading speeds are all greatly increased. Adept A Little Extra Chemistry Potions crafted by this Sim are surprisingly tasty and have an additional small benefit triggered when the potion is consumed. Adept Spectral Reach Sims can now cast long distances without having to move closer to the target.

Also, Sims no longer know who cast the spell on them so they won't react negatively to you.Alchemy Two spellcasters wait as the third spellcaster stirs a cauldron to make an elixir.

How to Get the Potion of Youth in The Sims 4 - (Reverse Aging!) 👵👴

There are lots of elixirs to create, each with their own unique power to transform a Sim's life. Those elixirs won't mix by themselves so get cracking! It is a 3x2 object, so find a space that is large enough to place the alchemy station in. It is preferable to have at least 1 square of open space around the station. Once placed, Sims can now start learning the skill. There are three ways to learn the skill.

One is to use the alchemy station and Research Alchemy. Sims can simultaneously build the alchemy skill and discover an elixir from researching. Another way is to buy alchemy skill books. They can be bought at bookstores or at an elixir consignment shop in the town.

Elixirs are not discovered automatically as the skill is improved, instead they must be learned either by researching or reading their recipe books. The first elixir Sims will learn to mix from their research is the Vial of Bliss. If they improve the skill by researching alchemy, they will learn to create more elixirs on the way. To make an elixir, Sims can Mix Elixir at the alchemy station. A table-like window will appear and you can choose what elixir will be mixed.

All the ingredients required for the elixir must be in the Sim's inventory. To check what he needs, you can find them at the "Ingredients" column of the window.

A Sim's attempt to mix an elixir may fail.

sims 4 potions

The ingredients will be refunded and are not lost, however the Sim may gain a negative moodlet such as Nauseous or Toadified! Finding ingredients can be a tough job. Here are some tips to let a Sim get the ingredients, even the ingredients that are hard to get:. Alchemy returns in The Sims 4: Realm of Magic as one of the four magic styles spellcasters can specialize in. There are 16 potions.

Spellcasters can work alone or in groups of up to three other spellcasters.This mod tweaks the game so when your sim is practicing magic or experimenting with a caldron for potions, their fun motive slowly increases over time. That way your sim can spend more time becoming a competent magic user and less time playing video games or watching TV.

This mod give you a lot trait when building that adds a new spooky aspect to your households. Therefore, Spellcasters could have a baby mermaid, or a vampire and a human could have a baby alien. The actual odds of any different occult type are tied to what specific packs you have installed to your game. You can access it by going through the portal in Glimmerbrook to get to the Realm of Magic where the lot is located as pictured above.

This mod allows you to either limit or get rid of all the Spellcasters in Magic Realm HQ, so it feels a little more manageable. The three limits include only having one novice and one intermediate Spellcaster, only having two novice and three intermediate Spellcasters, and finally only having the Sages appear.

No matter which option you choose, the Sages will always stay in the house so you can interact with them for more magic content. A Familiar is a small animal that comes in 11 different variations including Fairy, Bunnerfly, Dragon, Phoenix, Veild, and more. This mod adds some new interactions so your Familiar can chat with you in some cute new ways.

Now you can request magic tips from your little buddies, or converse with them about magic in general. Their little blurbs will come up as text boxes in the top right-hand corner of the game. There is also another Familiar based mod found here that adds some new tweaks to your magical buddies to make them more beneficial to have around. To get a Familiar your sim will need to open a Familiar Orb, which will summon and bound the Familiar to your sim.

This mod adjusts the orb so it now has computer functionality as well. The default computer animations make it look like your sim is using the magic of precognition to learn things by surfing the web through a crystal ball.

The same modder also made a mod where the Familiar Orbs can work as functional lights as well, so you can choose to turn them on and off for some mood lighting. Instead of inputting cheat codes one at a time, or god forbid actually acquiring the perks without cheats one at a time like an animal, this mod simply unlocks every single Spellcaster perk for free at once.

Some of the perks include Hexproof which protects your sim from curses, Knowledge Is Magic which lets your sim research more quickly, and Master Duelist which gives your sim a higher chance at winning a duel. This new mod allows you to have more options with the magical portal your sims use to get the Realm of Magic.

In order to use this mod properly, you will have to make sure you have bb. Once installed you will be able to customize portal locations by choosing the entrance and exit points. You can also choose what specific archways will hold the portal itself if you are going for a certain aesthetic. Once you get this game pack, you might be frustrated to see a bunch of your NPCs will suddenly have become Spellcasters out of the blue. This can suck if you have set up various plotlines with the sims in your town.

Now you suddenly see a sim you envisioned as a smug jock studying magic at Magic HQ, which can break that realism a bit. This mod makes it so none of your NPCs will automatically become a Spellcaster as soon as the game pack is downloaded.

Hexing potions?

Instead, it will use its own premade Spellcasters or generate new ones to fill out the world. While the base pack does come with some wants, this mod adds a ton of new functional ones in a variety of better colors and styles. The wands themselves are taken from The Sims 3, and the six wands taken from those assets come with various swatches for each.

So whether you have a gothic Spellcaster who is fine with a normal black wand, or a superplum fairy-esque sim who would rather the bright pink, you are going to find something for every sim. Normally all the potions cost zero simoleons to make, so this mod added price points for every potions based on a few different factors.

The prices are based on the potions utilities and ingredients. They come in five different variations being regular price, 2x price, 3x price, 5x price, and 10x price. The potions you make can then be sold in store with specific price increments so your sim will make a nice profit.

For more Sims 4 mods you just have to try, check out our expansive entry list for the very best mods The Sims 4 community has to offer. Or the best mods to have with the last expansion pack to release, Island Living. Connect with us. Continue Reading.September - last edited September. I'm sure some people want to drink once, and want to stay immortality in gameplay even age is on, depend what they roleplaying or storytelling.

Potion of immortality should removed that drink again and again or player want sim a immortality in hand of a. Problem for people want sim that are not elder and vampire but not want drink again and age off. They should definitely make it so you stop aging the moment you drink it, like how vampires work.

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Or atleast add another potions which is highly unlikely to age freeze and get rid of one of the romantic potions because both of them do the same thing. It is probably done like this to fit into the lore that witches are mostly described as elderly.

It is called a spellcaster because they didn't want to limit it to only Witch, Warlock, Alchemist aso. These are by the way also predominantly described as old.

The Sims 4 Rewards Traits List

There's another potion you can craft, called "Potion of Rejuvantion" which allows your sim to stay their current age forever. If your sim drinks both potions, then they should stay young forever and not die from old age. Never mind, that potion just resets their age. It's description is worded in a way that makes it sound like they'll stay that way. I'm willing to bet it does the same thing as the Potion of Youth and Age-Away Serum from GTW, it probably only resets them back to day 1 of their current age group.

They'll need to keep taking it before aging up to stay in that age group. Unfortunately i've never seen anything that rolls you back to a previous age-group or stay in an existing age group I tested it in my own game and thought it had worked. Also by the way it's description was written "A potion to allow a Sim to remain at their current age. But you are right it just resets it. This widget could not be displayed. Help us improve Answers HQ!

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Showing results for. Search instead for. Do you mean. Zombies Heroes Plants vs. Zombies Heroes Other Plants vs. Zombies Games Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 1 Plants vs. Zombies 2 Other Plants vs. Unless it's not intentional? Me too. Message 1 of 13 17, Views. Reply 4. September You can just drink another potion when you are about to age up.

Message 2 of 13 17, Views.Since The Sims 4: Realm of Magic is now out, we now have the ability to start creating potions using alchemy and using these potions to impact our lives. From immortality to full needs, these potions can be extremely helpful.

In this guide we are going to talk about how to learn the potion recipes, and exactly what each potion will do for your sim. The first is to go up to a cauldron and choose experiment.

Your sim will play around for a while and there is a chance that a new potion recipe will pop up. The first way to find potion ingredients is to go fishing, collecting, and start harvesting items you find around town.

This is obviously going to be time consuming but it is the most economical way to not spend all of your money. The second option is to go to the magical world and hop over to the section with all of the stalls where you can buy wands and brooms and things. One of the stalls is for magical ingredients for potions and you can buy things there. You can also use the buy debug cheat to find these ingredients without having to buy them or search for them around the worlds.

The alluring aura potion is going to make your sim feel flirty and make sims around them want to be flirted with. Romantic interactions are going to go more smoothly and you can build a nice romantic relationship using this one.

Your sim can learn this potion when they are at the neophyte level of being a spellcaster. The ingredients for this potion are cherry, valerian root and the spotted heart frog. The curse cleansing potion will do exactly what the name says, get rid of any magical curses that your sim may be experimenting. Your sim can learn this potion when they are at the adept level of being a spell caster.

The potion of emotional stability will remove all negative moodlets i. The potion of emotional stability is made up of potato and obtainium and can be learned at the neophyte level of being a spellcaster. The potion of forced friendship is going to make your sims have better social interactions and unlocks the ability to use the power of forced friendship on other sims filling your friendship bar completely.

If this one backfires your sim will get an uncomfortable moodlet, forced friendship. They will start finding random ingredients or money when experimenting with the cauldron or doing random activities around the house. The good fortune potion is made up of valerian root and turquoise.

The immortality potion is a great one, but it has no moodlet bonuses immediately. A notification will appear letting you know that your sim is now immortal and they can no longer die of old age. The immortality potion is able to be learned at the master level of being a spellcaster.

It is made up of dragon fruit, furium and fire opal. The nausea potion is able to be learned at the apprentice level of spellcasting and is made up of a dirt frog and a mandrake. For the duration of those 4 hours your sims will get a bonus in gaining any skills. The potion of Nimble Mind is able to be learned at the apprentice level of being a spellcaster and is made up of a spotted dirt frog and parsley. The perk purging moodlet will let you choose all new spellcaster perks for your sim and let you go down a new path if you so choose.

However, it can backfire and make your sim feel dazed. Your sim is able to learn this spell when they are at the acolyte level and is made up of mandrake and valerian root. The potion of plentiful needs is only made up of apples and can be learned when your sim is an apprentice.

The prompt resurrection potion will make it so that your sim will come back to life immediately when they die. A series of colours will appear around your sim when they hit the floor during death that will whip them back up and make them come back to life.Creating potions is a new activity available in The Sims 4 Realm of Magic. Thanks to this, you can brew magic potions that affect the Sims. Effect depends on type of the created potion-this may be more rapid development skills or even obtaining immortality.

On this site you will learn how to create potions and you will find a list of all available elixirs. The first step to create a potion is to acquire a special cauldron - it can be a Supreme Cauldron or Excellent Cauldron.

Both cauldrons are available in construction mode. Remember that only as a wizard you will be able to brew potions - if not, you will be able to use the cauldron only to cook regular meals.

The next step is to open the first recipe of the elixir. The easiest way to get a recipe is to use the "experiment" option on the cauldron - you can use this option until you discover all the recipes. After completing the operation, you will receive a random elixir, as well as a recipe for it.

The recipe will go into your Sim's spell book so you can use it again. Moreover, the experiment option is useful even if you have already discovered all recipes, as you will ingredients for potions. Potion recipes can also be acquired from the sages living in the realm of magic - visit the site dedicated to this to learn more.

Another way is to take part in a magic duel, where a potion recipe is at stake. Now when you select the option "Prepare elixir", you will see a list of all potions to which you have a recipe. If you have all the ingredients in your inventory, you can create the selected elixir. Prepared elixir will fall into the inventory - you can use it yourself or apply its effect on another Sim. The following table lists all the elixirs available in The Sims 4: Realm of magic.

There is the name of the potion, the ingredients needed to create it, and what effect it causes after use. All logos and images are copyrighted by their respective owners. Game Guides. Games Encyclopedia. Release Dates. The Sims 4 Guide. The Sims 4: Realm of Magic. Table of Contents.

sims 4 potions

Potions are created in special cauldrons. Experimenting is an easy way to get a recipe. You can brew potions for which you have proper recipes. Influence points - how to get fast? Eco footprint - how to reach both? Action Plans, Community Space Projects. The Sims 4: Discover University.

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What can I find in the add-on? The Sims 4: Island Living Guide. The Sims 4: Seasons Guide. Introduction - what will I find here?